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The D.A.P. Chumbani

‘Bawssy’ Sports Bra

‘Bawssy’ Sports Bra

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Bawssy’ Sports Bra




-zipper front

-Securing Hook 


-Full coverage


78% Polyester

22% Spandex  

Anatomy of ‘BAWSSY’.

 • 1. Cup
• 2. Cup seams & special finish

The cup seams give the desired shape to the cups
• 3. Side panels/ Wings

This is the part next to the cup, that gives side support. A Bra can have high (tall) wings or low (short) wings. In the case of ‘Bawssy’ the wings are high for fuller coverage  

• 4. Link/center gore

Think 🗣CLEAVAGE! This is the center section between the right and left cups – Where the wires meet in the center of the bra. 

In the case of ‘Bawssy’ there is minimal to no cleavage. There is an inner hook for added support before you zip and cover zipper ends with fabric latch  

• 5. Bra Band 

This is the band that runs around the rib cage of the wearer that secures the bra.

It is the most important strength of the bra as it supports almost all the weight of the breasts. The chest band is different for the front and the back. The back band is there in all the bras whereas the front band is optional. 

In the case of ‘Bawssy’ this band is adjustable. You could go up in size for more adjusting room. ‘Bawssy’ moves with the needs of your day/activity and fluctuating weight. You know the code. Ha! You want this to be firm but not too tight. This is, also, where the DAP logo will be found. 

• 6. Straps (The 72 Hour Test) 

The strap of the bra, connecting the front and back of the bra going over the shoulders, plays a very important function in supporting the bra. In the case of ‘Bawssy’ it is fully adjustable to accommodate different heights and boob support needs. Also, removes the chance of tension at the neck most high support bras offers. ‘Bawssy’ passed The 72 hr test with ease. We challenged her comfort and support for 72 hrs with daily workouts productive sweat, jumping and wearing through the day and night. The bra was not washed to fully test it’s loss of support once worn and sweaty. Like a BAWSE ‘Bawssy’ showed no loss of support and comfort. 

• 7. Apex point

This is the highest point of a bra’s cups where the shoulder straps are attached to at the front.

• 8. Rings

These are metal or plastic rings that connect the straps to the band. These are needed as part of adjusting the length of the strap.

In the case of ‘Bawssy’ the rings are designed to make wear comfortable and adjusting the straps easy. 

• 9. Closure

‘Bawssy’ is fully adjustable. There are the shoulder straps that have strong Velcro attachments, the band with its Velcro attachments, the inner CENTER GORE with a hidden hook for added support, the zipper vest style front and the fabric zip covers at top and bottom of zipper to offer an even greater secure fit.

• 10. Fasteners

Hooks and eyes are the usual fasteners used for bras.
• 11. Strap adjusters

Normally these are SLIDERS. 

In the case of ‘Bawssy’ they are the Velcro straps and band. 
• 12. Back strap joint

This is the part where the straps attach to the bra band in the back.

In the case of ‘Bawssy’ it’s a seamless stitch  

• 13. Stiffeners

These prevent the side section from riding up.
• 14. Underwire

None with ‘Bawssy’ 
• 15. Trims

Bows/flowers placed at the middle center of the top of the bra.

In the case of ‘Bawssy’ there are no bows. The design is a racer back with lace appeal across the bust. The inside is adorned with a non removal cup to offer discretion when worn without a top and no hassle during wash. The cup is NOT inside another fabric so no worries of it not drying well. 

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