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The D.A.P. Chumbani

‘Reclaiming My FIN3’ pullover

‘Reclaiming My FIN3’ pullover

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The design SPEAKS! 
‘Reclaiming My FIN3!’ Pullover design tells of a mission of self love, focus, strategizing to COMPLETION. 

⭐️FINE Spelled with a ‘3’ signifies completion, whole. 
‘3’ is the first number given the definition of “ALL”.  
It includes the beginning, middle and end. 
⭐️The flower represents you giving yourself your flowers due to embarking on your journey of self

⭐️‘kuzingatia’ means Focus in Swahili. Recall ‘CHUMBANI’ means closet in Swahili 

⭐️‘kujipenda’ means Self Love in Swahili. 
⭐️The dice and chess piece represents the need of strategy and a little bit of chance along your journey to “Reclaiming My FIN3!”  


Seeing angel number 3 is a sign that the Ascended Masters, like Christ and the Archangels, are working on your behalf.

The number 3 is the number of the Trinity and an auspicious sign for anyone, especially for light workers and those who are involved with spiritual development.

Angels numbers are communications from our guardian angels intended to provide us with the guidance and encouragement needed to achieve our aims.

When we notice angel numbers occurring in our experience, it is a sign that we are connected with Source Energy and have the power to manifest our desires.

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