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The D.A.P. Chumbani

Nomad Sack Hydration System

Nomad Sack Hydration System

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The Nomad is a hands free water bladder hydration system. It offers Military-Grade Construction With A Splash Of Style! 
Simply put- it’s DAP! 

  • 3 liters of water capacity
  • BPA-free, food-grade bladder 
  • Detachable cover and water inlet
  • Pack is made from sturdy 800D nylon to guard against abrasion or cuts
  • sturdy buckles
  • versatile hand straps
  • larger capacity than any hand-held bottle you could comfortably bring with you on your adventures 

Simply fill the bladder with water & strap it on as a backpack!
The detachable hose provides easy access to water whenever you need it, while a bite valve and BPA-free food grade construction keep things clean and sanitized ensuring great tasting water! 

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